The babe of the cosmos is that sultry cartoon goddess...

Undoubtedly, "THE BRIDE OF LAGOONA" is the most astounding, frightening and curious ad campaign of the new milennium! Throw caution aside, if you dare, and click the entrance below to take you exploring in the realm of the most awesome creature feature since... Mole People, Killer Shrews, Tarantula, Satan Bug, She, Them and It!

Turanga Films starring Leela are being shown on other worlds, but have been prohibited from release to your planet by those damn FOX executives who think they know it all... NOT! But, you can peek at what's showing in the galaxy and some future feature films that you will never be able to see!

To reveal the mystery, secrets and scandals of Futurama, FASCINATING FACTOIDS will document the odd encounters and unusual occurences that have not yet been revealed by any other source with astounding information that is really hard to believe!

In Leela's almost totally private diary, she will document her very personal desires, secret thoughts and some scandalous behavior that you're really not meant to know about!

The "F" Files will expose uncanny phenomenon that will startle and confound your senses, with revealing circumstances regarding the peculiar habits and bodily functions of aliens!

Yes, Leela wants sex... and plenty of it! 1st rule, you gotta be 18 years or older to get a ticket to this show (13 years old is okay if you live in Sweden or Russia)! 2nd rule, you should not be offended by raw sex and scandalous behavior by the Futurama gang. 3rd rule, you gotta absolutely believe that cartoons need love as much as real live people. Last rule, you gotta send one crisp dollar bill per year (no coins, please) to:
Mr. OutlawArt
1743 Dark Cavern, crevice #10
Pissitaway, NJ 07221

These exposed references may include some really nasty stuff that received a red-tag warning for "offensive and/or vexacious material" from the Outer-Planetary Censor Squad and will never, ever be shown on Earth!

More eye-candy and advertising gimmicks will be COMING SOON to this theater, so check back occasionally to see lots of unforgettable STUFF! And if you missed all the wonderful images that have disappeared, you are SOOL!

editor's note: All models, actresses and machines are over 18 years of age and have been compensated generously for their participation in this enterprise.

Fox TV and the Curiosity Company retain all rights to Futurama... those selfish bastards! This website and its contents are neither authorized nor endorsed by those entities.

This internet publication should be considered a parody of the television series "Futurama", because we all know that none of this kind of stuff would ever appear on the show. This spoof is presented for entertainment, enlightenment, amusement and, possibly, education. All artwork and dialog on this website are OutlawArt and should not be used without permission. If you need more information than that, take a look at the ---> The Legal Stuff!


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