Scourge of the Centaurian!
Leela is just a little bit concerned about a horsy creature's ulterior motives!

Succubus, Suck This!
Leela ponders her fate and the hazards of being a recently UnDead!

Amy's Naked Revenge
Leela is upset with Amy at the wettest tee shirt contest in the galaxy!

Howdy, Ma'am!
Leela is flustered by Fry's disregard for her personal integrity at a cowboy festival!

Judy Who?
Finally, Leela answers the burning questions about that brief love affair with Judy Jetson!

Oh, that Judy!
It happened in the girl's locker room on a Saturday night!

Educating Leela
What Leela learned in high school made her very, very popular!

Toot Hooters
Leela exhibits her "goods" at a trendy hotspot on the distant planet Boobanga!

Leela is concerned by all the internet porn that features HER!

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