To reveal the mystery, secrets and scandals of Futurama, these revealing episodes of FASCINATING FACTOIDS will endeavor to document the odd encounters and unusual occurences that have not yet been revealed by any other source with astounding information that is really hard to believe and will most assuredly confound your senses!

Space Slug Attaches to Naked Woman's Head!
See the Exclusive Photo Here!

Inviso-Ray Exposed!
You Need to Know What Robotic Eyes Can Reveal About You!

Tattoo, My Ass!
Body Art of Tomorrow The Why, the What, the When, the Where and the How It Might Happen!

Teenage Lesbian Sex!
Is It a Natural Phenomenon for Girls or Simply Hot Raging Hormones Gone Wild?

HoneyBug Inflames Desires!
Astronauts Succumb to Wierd Effects After Taking The Sting From An Alien Insect!

Out Of This World Costume!
Festival Winner Coerced Into Re-Arranging Her Planets!

Future Technology and the Peeper Apparatus - Has It Gone Way Too Far Or Not Far Enough?

A Tough Enough Babe!
She Can Bend Over With The Best Of The Muscleoids!

Leela's Controversial Music!
Will She Replace The Madonna-Bot As The Most Scandalous Singer of The Galaxy?

A Haunted Planet Attacks!
The Survivor Tells All About The Most Horrifying Experience She Ever Experienced!

Debauchery At 2 AM!
Zoidberg... Leela... 4 Bottles of Venusian Wine And A Keg-O-Beer = Shenanigans!

A Giant Lawsuit!
You've Heard the Rumors... Now, Know the Facts and Be Genuinely Informed!

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