The Bride of Lagoona

A cinema epic unlike any movie ever produced in the last 140 years, filmed in OcnoScope and Vyx-N-Vision, you will be extremely amazed... just like you're there, going deep... and deeper into the frightening depths of submerged planet LAGOONA, fighting the lunatic and ill-tempered creatures that dwell in the dark muddy caverns, cavorting in the concubine bubble pools with a thousand temptresses, escaping the bizarre Tentacle Tombs with snares and pitfalls that defy imagination! With new and improved Dimension E37 goggles and temporal attire provided, you will virtually experience excitement, terror, insanity, fascination, lust, horror and revenge! So, dive deep with the crew of Nauticula 7 to challenge the unknown... if you dare!

I am terrified, but I want to see what happens by clicking one of the links below!

  • Episode 1 - Attack of the Space Worms
  • Episode 2 - Journey to the Sunken Abyss
  • Episode 3 - Deep Danger at 20,000 Fathoms
  • Episode 4 - The Behemoth Beneath Me
  • Episode 5 - Sanctuary at Sargasso Junction
  • Episode 6 - Tomb of the Wet Terror
  • Episode 7 - Revenge of the Toad Woman
  • Episode 8 - The Turtle Pirates of Tuscany Bay
  • Episode 9 - The 7th Tentacle
  • Episode 10 - Swarm of the Coral Creatures
  • Episode 11 - I Dream of Turanga
  • Episode 12 - Captured at Croc Cavern
  • Episode 13 - Dr. N'ott and the Frozen Alive Machine
  • Episode 14 - Dr. N'ott and the Far Away Machine
  • Episode 15 - Princess Enema
  • Episode 16 - Incident At Stalag Tat 2
  • Episode 17 - Day of the Evil Pastry

    and coming soon to this theater...

  • Episode 18 - Cage of the Alien
  • Episode 19 - The Nice, the Naughty and the Wicked
  • Episode 20 - Mistress of the Shadows
  • Episode 21 - The Forbidden Caverns at Sheba ra Neft
  • Episode 22 - The Tunnel of Forever Love

    ... to be continued!

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