Pretty Maids All In A Row
Rock Hudson Angie Dickenson Roddy McDowell
Telly Savalas Keenan Wynn directed by Roger Vadim
This is a 27x41 inch original 1-sheet from the 1971 film in
very good condition for a poster that's over 40 years old.
(see large gallery images for close-up details)

Mike "Tiger" McDrew is the vice principal, guidance counselor, civics teacher and football coach at Sawyerville High School and all of the teachers and students love him... especially the nubile cheerleaders and most of the other young girls on campus. And, he loves them back, but maybe just a little too much, it would seem. Close Encounters of the Sexy Kind seem to be the coach's favorite afternoon pastime after a grueling gridiron session on the field with the football team. But, the lives of all the teachers and students are turned upside down when young girls start showing up naked and dead around the campus. And the coach seems to be the most likely suspect as a rapist and serial killer!

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