This is an original 22x28 half-sheet poster from the film "White Huntress" released in 1957 starring Susan Stephan
with John Bently and Robert Urquhart and directed by George Breakston (a Majestic Production from American International Pictures)

See Man vs. Leopard in a Battle to the Death...!
   See Blood Mountain... Graveyard of the Elephant...!
      See White Woman... Attacked by Primitive Savages...!
            ...and let's be honest,
                      See the Nearly Naked Buxom Blonde Battle the Terrifying Jungle Python Using Only a Knife!

This poster was sent to theatres for display in the lobby to promote the film's engagement. Originally folded, the movie poster has
been kept flat for years and will be sent rolled in a sturdy tube. For such old paper, it actually is in very fine condition printed on
heavy stock much more sturdy than the thin paper used for one-sheets of this era. Look at the large scans to see flaws including
some fold stress and a very tiny pinhole in the leopard face that would not be seen with black backing.