Hearts of the West starring Jeff Bridges as Lewis Tater (silent film cowboy)
This is an oversize door poster from the 1976 film. It is quite large at 34.5 x 77.5 inches printed on heavy paper stock. This unfolded poster is in very good condition, but does show some age spotting in the upper left and right quadrants (see images #4 and #5 for a close-up view of this damage.

Hearts of the West was directed by Howard Zieff also starring Andy Griffith, Alan Arkin, Donald Pleasence, Blythe Danner, Marie Windsor, Matt Clark, Dub Taylor and Alex Rocco

How The Story Goes: Lewis Tater writes Wild West dime novels and dreams of actually becoming a cowboy.
When he goes west to find his dream he quite accidently steals the loot box of two bumbling crooks who tried
to rob him. During his escape, Lewis stumbles onto the set of a Wild West movie and through mishap and
chance becomes a star of Hollywood Westerns.