The Good, The Bad  and  The Ugly
Clint Eastwood Eli Wallach Lee Van Cleef
directed by Sergio Leone
This is an unfolded 1-sheet poster about 27 x 39 inches
in excellent condition
This poster is for the International release
and was printed several years after the original release in 1966.
A small legend at the bottom center reads "Litho in USA". Although
this may be a reprint, it is vintage (printed more than 25 years ago).


Delivery is $11.75 - this poster must be sent by Priority Mail.  Postage has been estimated by current US Postal rates and
                                   includes the cost of a shipping tube. If actual shipping costs are less than that, I will refund any overage.

key words: a fistful of dollars for a few dollars more Dirty Harry Italian western spaghetti Tuco Blondie
Sentenza Angel Eyes gunfighter bounty hunter reward ecstasy of gold Ennio Morricone