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DARK OF THE SUN vintage film poster from the 1968 film
Rod Taylor Yvette Mimieux Jim Brown Kenneth More
from the novel Train from Katanga by Wilbur Smith
22x28 inches (half-sheet) poster,
unfolded in very fine condition

see gallery images for close-up views

Fun facts about this movie

Rod Taylor and Yvette Mimieux appeared eight years earlier in the
1960 film, H.G. Wells' The Time Machine directed by George Pal.

After a career in the NFL as a fullback for the Cleveland Browns,
Jim Brown first appeared on movie screens in the 1964 western
Rio Conchos and soon after achieved notoriety as a serious
actor in the outstanding WW2 action film The Dirty Dozen.
Although this movie is a fictional account of events, it is based on
certain facts - there actually was a civil war in the Congo from 1960-64
where acts of terrorism, rioting and mayhem created a virtual bloodbath
by African tribal warriors against European colonists.

Some movie enthusiasts think that the 2003 film Tears of the Sun
starring Bruce Willis is a virtual reboot of Dark of the Sun with a
similar title, plot and characters.

key words: brute savage hero mercenary Africa Congo diamonds football NFL Cleveland Browns Dirty Dozen Rio Conchos Time Machine