This is a lot of 7 original 8x10 photos from Cannery Row (1982) starring Nick Nolte and Debra Winger
  Condition: near mint

The year is 1948... Cannery Row is a squalid shanty-town on the edge of Monterey, California where the abandoned fish canneries stand idle. This slum is inhabited by lost and forlorn souls, although many would not move away even if they could. The most upstanding occupant in the area is Doc, a marine biologist, who earns a living by collecting and selling marine specimens for research. He keeps his past a secret from other people, even his friends. No one knows that he is trying to make amends for what he considers a past wrong that resulted in someone's death. But Doc is discovering that his vaporous life is becoming dull and repetitious. Then, quite unexpectedly, an uncommon drifter sashays into town, a young girl by the name of Suzy Desoto, who is also keeping secrets. It doesn't take long for the energetic wench to get a job at the local whorehouse as a "floozy". The slum has just become a little more interesting.

You don't need to be crazy to live in Cannery Row, but it helps.

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