The Beguiled (1971) starring Clint Eastwood,
Geraldine Page, Elizabeth Hartman, Darlene Carr,
Jo Ann Harris, Pamelyn Ferdin and directed by
Don Siegal
Description: 4 original 8x10 lobby cards
Condition: very fine with some minor wear to all edges,
Condition: the back of the photos are clean with no marks
McBurney was the enemy... the girl would be his salvation.

Amy found the wounded soldier in the woods and decided to keep him.

During the civil war, an injured Yankee soldier is rescued on the verge of death by a young girl from a Southern boarding school. At first the women are disturbed and frightened by the enemy. Some want to turn McBurney over to the Rebel patrols; others want to harbor him as a wounded combatant. As he slowly begins to recover, one by one, the women yield to his charm and good nature. But, there are few women at the school and only one man and the atmosphere soon becomes charged with anger, jealousy and deceit.
"You be quiet now... don't be sweet talking at me or I'll cut your throat."

      One would want him, one would love him... and one would kill him..

These are original lobby cards intended only for use at movie theaters for publicity of the film and were meant to be destroyed or returned to the National Screen Service after use. These lobby cards are not reproductions or computer generated copies. The large gallery images should allow a good view showing the actual condition and appearance of each card, but it cannot show the fine details and graphic quality of the original photos.
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