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The Great Escape

Jane Fonda

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I Spy   Robert Culp

I Spy   Bill Cosby

Moonlighting Bruce Willis & Cybil Shepard

The Fugitive   David Janssen

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Solo and Kuryakin

Napoleon and Illya

The 4 Steps Affair

The Apple-a-Day Affair

The Moonglow Affair

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Flicka - promo songs

Penelope Cruz

Wall-E Academy promo

Good Will Hunting promo

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The Shark Affair
Robert Culp & Robert Vaughn
The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

Jack Lemmon
as Professor Fate
in The Great Race

The 7th Dawn
starring William Holden
and Susannah York

The Land Unknown
starring Jock Mahoney
22x28 half-sheet poster

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